YOUR Budapest  program offers. Welcome to Hungary, enjoy your stay!

Dinner & Cruise - With Live Music
Join us for a unique Budapest experience, and while admiring this panorama you can enjoy a delicious meal on our ship.

Program starts: every day

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Price: from HUF 4700, approx. € 15

Budapest panorama was added to the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO. Join us for a unique Budapest experience, and while admiring this panorama you can enjoy a delicious meal on our ship.

The Danube, this very important and mighty river starting in Germany, on its journey to the Black sea flows through many capitals. In Budapest it runs majestically through the center of the city, creating one of the finest panoramas on the continent. The Danube’s embankment treasures the old and embraces the new, historic is mingling with the modern. We would like to invite you to see our capital on the most romantic way. To customize your needs we prepared three types of boat cruises.

LUNCH & CRUISE: The tour starts at 14:00 every day.

DINNER & CRUISE with live music - The tour starts at 19:00 every day.

DINNER & CRUISE - after the folk concerts: The tour starts at 22:00 every day.

Budapest has many faces. This vibrant city calms down a little bit at nights, lights are lit up, and a new city comes out from the twilight. We created this program for those, who would like to enjoy the wonderful view of the city swimming in lights in a romantic candlelight atmosphere, and have a romantic dinner on a boat with live music. The meeting point is in a neobaroque building – in the Duna Palota, which was established in 1883. After the check-in our hostesses will accompany you to the Ship. (appr. 4-6 minutes walk to the Ship). You will be welcomed on board of one of our air-conditioned or heated ships, which will take you on a one-and-a-half-hour-long cruise with a warm buffet-dinner and live music. Guiding is not included in the program. You can book the cruise without dinner too, with drinks only (a glass of champagne and another glass of drink: soft drink, wine or beer).


Champagne or Peach Pálinka or Orange Juice

Cold entries:
"Hungarian Fingerfood"
Eggplant mousse with bread crackers
Curd paprika cheese cream and traditional greaves cream

Goulash Soup with Beef Cubes "Hortobágy style"
Cold apricot soup with pálinka

Warm main course:
Stuffed cabbage rolls with sliced sausage and sour cream
Chicken cubes fillet marinated in honey and thyme with garlic dry fruits sauce
Catfish filled in bell peppers in spicy tomato dill sauce "Szegediner style"

Garnish and vegetarians:
fried polenta olives terrine with sheep cheese and rosemary garlic oil
Potato noodle with tomato ragout , fresh basil and blue cheese
Mashed potatoes with mustard seeds and deep fried onion
Steamed rice with glaced vegetable

Different kind of raw salads
with yogurt dill and horseradish cognac dressing
“Duna Palota style“
Cabbage salad with bell pepper stripes and garlic cream dressing
“Caesar salad”
Leafe salad, Parmesan cheese dressing and slices of grilled chicken breast
"Grandmother`s recipe"
Potato salad with onion, mayonnaise, sour cream and mustard dressing
"Farmer style"
Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, cheese, olives

Crême caramel with with grated strawberry chocolate
Sponge cake "Somlói"
Chocolate peppermint mousse with egg liquor

Season and Exotic Fruits

1 glass of red or white wine + 1 bottle of water (0,33) or soft drink

On request our hostesses can call a taxi for you at the end of the tour.